Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slots are similar to classic slots except a player receives oodles more money if they win. The majority of online casinos have progressive jackpots. Typically they are put on view on the home page of the casino with regular updates about the sizeable chunk of the prize money. There are some online casinos that don’t offer huge progressive jackpots. However, it depends how one may interpret the word “huge.” Some progressive jackpots offer hundreds of thousands, while others offer millions. In the eyes of most, hundreds of thousands is huge, and millions is, well, huger. While a player may dedicate their total bankroll into winning progressive jackpots, it’s not essentially a good thing, however, the promise to win such a big prize is definitely worth a bit of risk. A player must wager the maximum amount of coins permitted with every spin in order to qualify for the big jackpot. Playing less than the maximum amount only contributes to the jackpot but the player won’t be included in the chance to win it.

To begin with, there are basically three different types of progressive slots:

. In House or Propriety Progressives;
are connected to other slot machines in the one casino.

. Stand Alone Progressives;
do just that, stand alone they aren’t connected to any other slots

. Wide Area Progressives;
are normally managed by a single independent operator, and they’re
linked to slot machines in casinos all around the globe, which may or may not
be held by the same owner. Wide Area Progressives slot machines ultimately
offer the largest jackpots.

In a nutshell a player can win the goodies if they fulfill the jackpot betting requirements. For example, if the maximum betting requirement is [$4.00], then the player will have to wager this amount, no less. If they don’t, their bet will only go towards the regular slot game, which means that if they win it will only be the regular winning prize. If a player wagers the maximum [$4.00] and win, then the mortgage is paid and that trip around the world is on the cards. We know that the odds of winning progressives are nominal. But there are those who have won, and who knows when that lucky day has arrived?

Most casinos offer some type of progressive slots. A few are: 888 Casino, Betsson Casino and Casino King.

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